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Signs of a Water Leak Behind the Walls

There are many potential causes of water damage in your home.  Some sources of water damage, such as floods, burst pipes, and sewage backups, are obvious and homeowners notice them right away.  However, there are some sources of water damage that are much more...

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Replacing Water Damaged Flooring

Water Damaged Floors are covered under Homeowners Insurance. HYDRADRY Orlando and Tampa can help make sure your replacement flooring is covered by your Insurance in Florida. Repair. Refinish. Replace. HYDRADRY Orlando and Tampa can fix water damaged floors. Leaks,...

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Steps after a Flood to your House

After a flood, most homeowners are worried about getting their house back to looking good. They think more about redecorating the space than restoring damage. But it’s not just a matter of cleaning up the water, re-painting and replacing some carpet. Your first...

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Water Heater Leaking: How to Repair Water Damage

If you’ve recently had a water heater leak, then your floor may have some water damage. Once you’ve solved the leak, either by calling a plumber or solving the problem yourself, you should check the surrounding floor for water damage. Wood flooring is usually the most...

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Common Household Mold Tips

SOME COMMON HOUSEHOLD MOLD CONTROL TIPS INCLUDE: Cleaning and vacuuming your house regularly Fixing water leaks in pipes or your roof Increasing air circulation inside your home Using a dehumidifier when it’s more humid Use exhaust fans in your bathroom, kitchen and...

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What We Do Here at Hydradry

WHAT IS HYDRADRY? Here at Hydradry, we are a company that has over 40 years experience and we are family owned and operated and serving all of the central Florida areas. We have advanced equipment that has updated technology and able to service all of our customer’s...

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Our Restoration Methods

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, we here at Hydradry have been serving Orange County and all of Central Florida by helping customers with all their disaster recovery needs. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to clear away,...

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Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

HOW IS MOLD GENERATED? Air duct cleaning is not something that a lot of homeowners think about often. We clean all the other portions of our homes, but what about the air that we are breathing? When was the last time that your air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned...

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